About Us



Welcome to Digital Communitas,  a project funded generously by Trent University, that

1. offers resources for teachers and students.

2. studies the interactions between academic publics and digital media/tools/spaces.

Constructed by a team of researchers, whose biographies can be found here, the overall goal of the site is to rigorously investigate interactions between digital publics and academic publics. Our investigations operate broadly into such areas as gender, race, class, informatics, communication and more.

who is this site for?

Virtually everyone. Since this site explores concepts that are burgeoning on the digital horizon in the realm of education and social media, it is open to any and all who desire to explore the development of a new world of learning via online communities.

Through exploring and equipping the integration of digital tech into learning environments, this project includes but is not limited to: students and educators from many streams and disciplines (such as universities and colleges, secondary and elementary schools; the social and natural sciences, humanities, arts streams), bloggers, information technologists, software developers, and more broadly, anyone who uses social media and digital spaces. Digital learning has become part of many people’s lives, whether for professional or personal ends. This site has been designed with this diverse community of users in mind, welcoming users from many walks of life to find this site useful to their own interests and needs.

editing practice

Each post has been edited by Dr. Sara Humphreys for style and content. The interviews have been edited in collaboration with the project’s video and digital editor, Randy Lawrence. The content of the interviews that have been received by email have not been changed. The content of what interviewees have said has not been tampered with in the audio or video.

We do not use a formal style for source citations; rather, we note the title of the text quoted and link to the edition used most often in Google books. The page number of the edition is provided as well as the author’s name. We choose this style in order to facilitate the journalistic style of the site while also maintaining academic integrity.


Many thanks to Trent University’s Instructional Development Centre for funding this project and also Trent’s Research Office for awarding the project funding through 2013.

I would also like to thank all the staff and librarians at Trent Oshawa who booked rooms and assisted in many other ways.

Thank you to all those who agreed to be interviewed for this project. I am sure your experiences have helped others immensely.

I hope you enjoy this site and, on that note, thanks to all our readers/users!

With Best Regards,

Dr. Sara Humphreys

2 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Leah here!

    I found some footage from a TED conference that I think relates to the goals of this project very well –it’s an author arguing that digital spaces have become what he calls a “cartographic classroom” for a new generation. So, I thought I should share.

    His talk begins at 16:40 and ends at 35:14.


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