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Ramps like us, baby we were born to run

One of the most exciting facets of disability in the 21st century is the gadgets. The motorized chairs, the innovative prosthetics, the art-like ramp architecture. This innovation is torpedoing daily, as folks with disabilities enter higher economic brackets & positions of power, and as the baby boomer generation ages and moves into disability. But that […]

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Found in Translation: Multi-Sociality, Disability, and Digital Media

If you were to look at my undergraduate transcript, you’ll quickly and quizzically notice that I’ve ‘multi-tasked’ my educational areas of interest as many times as my browsers on any ether-day. In my first year at Trent University, I took Spanish 100, with the aim of future work in Latin American countries, and a year […]

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Twitter Me Impressed or Why We Are Not the “Dumbest Generation”

One of the most intriguing faculties in the realm of the Digital Humanities I’ve discovered is that this loose and baggy discipline seems to span an innumerable number of disciplines. Today in Toronto’s Public Reference Library, I sat in a cubby with a stack of no less than ten books, spanning New Media Studies, Literature, […]

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the revolution will be hashtagged

Technofeminism and its Discontents: Rape jokes, Reddit, and the iRevolution

*trigger warning (this article mentions rape and sexual violence) Since beginning to conceive of a ‘digitizing of the humanities’ within the scope of this social media project, I have developed a hungry curiosity for the relationship that technology has with the construction of gender. Initially my approach to conceptualizing the place of feminism in social […]

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