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Site Change: More Undergrad Voices!!!

I am currently revamping the site: I have decided to continue our focus on digital pedagogy, but the site will be primarily (although not solely) written by undergraduate students. I will hire undergraduate bloggers to blog about their experiences in various university classrooms, and how their profs are using digital media and tools. I will […]

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Don Tapscott on Post-Secondary Possibilities and the Net Gen

Co-authored by Sara Humphreys When we began the this site and the project, our group was uncertain where to really begin.  There were so many questions.  How do we define what we are doing?  What are we doing?  The research my colleagues and I have done has provided as many questions as answers.  Work by […]

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Digital Media and Transformation of the Essay

One of the purposes of this site is to show that there are other ways of learning over and above standardized methods (like an instructor reading from slides or, worse, a textbook. if you do this: stop – stop it now).  The essay format has been a stand-by in the humanities and social sciences.  Professors […]

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