Randy Lawrence is an award-winning creative writer and producer with the added magic of being a post-production wizard. He is currently the Media Designer and Information Technology Consultant for Digital Communitas. His digital motion graphics and A/V editing talents makes him our go-to guy to recover the unrecoverable and fix the unfixable and bring you all the material on Digital Communitas.  Feel free to use him for your project by contacting him at randy dot lawrence at me dot com.

Dr. Sara Humphreys is the editor and project leader. She has been published in anthologies and leading journals in the fields of game studies, rhetorical theory, literary theory, and American literature. Dr. Humphreys hopes this site will evolve into a new form of research dissemination and collaborative thought about connections between and amongst academic publics, digital tools, media and spaces.

Sara Gallagher is an MA student in the Public Texts program at Trent University. She is an award winning researcher and writer, who recently received a scholarship from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Her research interests include counterpublics, counterculture – and for this project in particular, how digital media can be a catalyst for political, social and institutional change.  Sara enjoys reading, poetry slams, backpacking and road-tripping.  If she was not an English-type, Sara would either have pursued a career as a chef and/or delved into a career of which meshed animation, design, and science (the last topic also a favourite of hers).   After she completes the mountains of work heaped upon her, Sara seeks complete solitude and cognitive dissonance in playing the likes of Joy Division, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Tegan and Sara, and an array of Indie artists that are an acquired taste.

Allen Kempton is currently an undergraduate student at Trent University. He takes everything in life super seriously and loves to ground everything in sociological and historical theory. As a result he has no life outside of school and thus works tirelessly to do the best work possible. His interest in this project revolves around the theoretical analysis of the influence of digital media in academia, and also extrapolations of influence in everyday life. He is excited to be a part of this project and is looking forward to contributing to the research.

Jes Sachse is a Toronto-based writer, journalist, artist and curator. She is known for the unapologetic and provocative nature of her work, wielded from a genderqueer, femmecrip, poet & general badass identity. She juxtaposes archetypes with self-representations, sarcasm and contradiction, the stories sachse creates pervade public and private spaces to present audiences with the invitation to look. Sachse’s work has been featured in publications such as The Toronto Tempest, Ryerson Free Press, Arthur Newspaper, The Toronto Star, Abilities Magazine, NOW Magazine, Xtra, Eye Weekly, and the 40th anniversary edition of Our Bodies, Ourselves.

Caleb Hunt (@calebhunt) works as the Adaptive Technologist with Accessibility Services at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario. When educational, accessible and mobile technology don’t keep him occupied in front of a screen (for both work and play, of course) he can usually be found playing golf or roaming a local park accompanied by his wife, one-year-old daughter and dog.

Shannon Haslett has done a great many things and enjoyed the majority of it.  She worked on many “working farms” where she broke many toes by the way of cows and horses and still owns scars on her hands from the chickens.  She has also worked in the corporate world, entertainment industry, real
estate, online writing and social media management and most recently within education. Shannon shares a birthday with Nick Kypreos- though her hockey skills are not to be desired.  A graduate of a Meetings and Convention Management certificate, International Business and Marketing diplomas, Shannon is currently completing her Bachelor of Arts, majoring in English and Education at Trent University.  Shannon studies anything that catches herattention and interest- she is a thinker, life-enthusiast and fun-loving adventurer.

Eric Lehman is a post-Napster music industry veteran having worked as a royalties and licensing coordinator for the Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency (CMRRA), in production management with the Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra, as a reviewer for Musicworks, and in merchandising with Pindoff Record Sales.  Eric is also a seasoned researcher who has worked on the Library and Archives Canada Virtual Gramophone database and the Reframe Film Festival’s Rewind: The Electric City goes to the Movies.  He has returned to academic studies to study residual media and is in the thesis year of an M.A. in Public Texts (English) at Trent University where he is working on discourses on theft in file-sharing and why it is just so waaaaaay cooler to shoplift from record stores than to download bit-torrents from the Pirate Bay.  Eric has been a teaching assistant for Dr. Michael Morse’s Cultural Studies class on Music and Society at Trent University where he is desperately trying (and failing) to learn to use Blackboard 9 and frequently asks his students, “how do you turn this thing on again?”  When he is not reading, writing or fumbling about with new media, Eric enjoys singing and dancing with his partner and two kids.

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